Top Locations for Finding Joint Venture Partners

The fastest way to get your online business in front of your target audience and profitable is through joint ventures, which only require the use of other people’s web assets (such as opt-in lists, highly trafficked websites, etc.) in exchange for a share of the profits.

Because there are so many willing Joint Venture Partners on the internet, it doesn’t matter what niche you are targeting because they are just waiting to be discovered and approached with a JV offer.

Where to find these Joint Venture Partners is the single issue that the majority of individuals have when putting a Joint Venture together.

Since there are millions of websites on the “Internet” and new ones are being added every day, it might be difficult and time-consuming for some people to find joint venture partners.

You’re in fortunate today because I’m going to share “5 TOP Places Your Guaranteed To Find Joint Venture Partners” with you, regardless of the specialty you’re pursuing.

Having stated that, let’s start with the first area where you are sure to find thousands of Joint Venture Partners by utilizing your “Targeted Keywords”.

The all-powerful and great search engines are web location #1.

That’s correct; the search engines should be your first stop when looking for joint venture partners as there are many of them eagerly awaiting your offer.

All you have to do is type your “Targeted Keywords” into the search box provided by your preferred search engine and begin browsing the results they return.

The first page of results will undoubtedly be an excellent place for you to begin.

Start by clicking on the links in the search results to determine whether that specific website would be a good JV partner.

If so, get in touch with them using their information and send them an email outlining your “What’s in it for them” strategy.

The next stage is forums, which is Web Location #2.

For the simple reason that hundreds of individuals use these forums every day to pose questions, look for answers, etc., forums are another excellent location to find and locate Joint Venture Partners.

You shouldn’t have any trouble locating a few hundred forums that are relevant to your specialty as there are forums on just about every subject under the sun.

Here’s an easy method for using search engines to locate them.

Enter the following into the search field of your preferred search engine by going there:

A good example is “your target keyword” plus forums.

I’m done now.

This would save you a ton of time because typing “forums” alone would provide literally thousands of irrelevant results, which would be very frustrating.

Third Web Location: Let’s visit a few newsletter directories.

The purpose of “Newsletter Directories”

The solutions are easy.

You may locate all the newsletter publishers here, who have thousands of opt-in subscribers ready to read their offers and purchase their goods and/or services.

You may get all the contact information for newsletter publishers who target ANY niche you’re interested in partnering with.

Simply enter “newsletter directories” in the search bar of your preferred search engine to find these directories.

Joint Venture membership websites are Web Location #4.

Although this place should be rather obvious, I’ll still explain.

Joint Venture membership websites allow users to sign up for a free or paid subscription and search for JV partners from a single spot.

Due to the growing popularity of joint venture marketing, they are springing up everywhere, therefore it only makes sense that anyone looking for joint venture partners should go to one location to find them all rather than spending hours browsing the internet.

Use the database on at Web Location #5.

With good cause, this is the last location on my list.

The largest collection of digital niche products with affiliate programs can be found on

Why am I sharing this with you?

I’m telling you this since their database is a terrific resource for finding Joint Venture Partners thanks to the TOP affiliate programs in each category.

(Quick Tip: Only pay attention to the first 20 results for each category, or for the category in which your good or service is listed.)

Simply choose a product that is relevant to what you have to offer, acquire their primary URL, then return to your preferred search engine and enter the following into the search form:

a href=””>

You can find some fantastic possible Joint Venture Partners by typing this into the search field, which will return all the links that lead back to that ClickBank product for you to contact.

I certainly hope that these five websites have given you some new ideas on where to look online for potential joint venture partners, regardless of what you’re offering.

You now have to do nothing more than begin your search because it just takes a few to get things going.

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