Top Advice for Increasing Adsense Profits

A very specific issue should be included in the excellent material on the perfect Google AdSense page.

Make a point of being really precise about the issue and selecting the keyword (or key phrase) that best describes the topic.

Users dislike ambiguous pages that aren’t very clear about what they’re about.

Never even consider attempting to ‘trick’ AdSense.

They can suffer consequences, such as being expelled.

It’s confusing to build a page on one topic and give it a file name regarding another issue.

In essence, you want to ensure that the page you design provides significant value to visitors who are interested in the subject.

Your visitors will gain from and be more inclined to click through to pertinent AdWords when you offer good information on a certain subject.

Everyone has seen far too many of the top horizontal banner advertising.

Google advises selecting the vertical format to display your AdWords rather than the horizontal format.

I concur.

People are no longer “banner blind” to a horizontal format.

Additionally, Google uses a vertical structure and has “trained” us to click on relevant text advertising on their own website.

Placing the AdWords near the top of your website on the right will benefit your bottom line.

Make sure the advertising have enough “breathing room”—i.e., white space—so that they can readily draw in your visitors.

Recent marketing experiments have shown that adding images next to or above your advertising can significantly affect click-through rates.

This is due to the eye being drawn to the image right away; as soon as they do, they notice the advertisement!

If you want to raise your earnings, I know it’s tempting to click on the AdWords that are presented on your own website because it appears so simple and is simply waiting for you to do it.

However, please refrain from doing so.

Google disapproves of this (with reason).

Additionally, Google employs some of the most intelligent engineers, and they are excellent at spotting this kind of fraud.

And frankly, is being banned from a lucrative program like AdSense for an extra $1 worth it?

I disagree.

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