Techniques for Promoting Your eBooks

The secret to maximizing your eBook’s sales is to identify one sentence that will serve as your selling handle.

This line explains the issue or query that your book addresses as well as the advantages that your eBook may offer.

Make sure to include that sentence in all of your sales and advertising materials, as well as in response to inquiries in your eBook.

There are a number of additional tactics you may use to increase book sales, in addition to aggressively promoting your books online.

One is to include a valuable bonus item or something else with your book and give it away for free.

Or group a number of eBooks together under a single price to reduce the cost of each eBook if they were sold separately.

Sending a survey to your existing clients is a good way to determine a price.

If these clients have already purchased an eBook from you, find out what they think about the pricing.

Make a sales page for the new book to accomplish this, but leave it without a price.

Rather, include several links to survey questions that pose targeted inquiries to help you determine how much to charge for your eBook.

Creating several duplicate sales pages with various pricing on each page is another tactic for testing out prices.

Ensure that your selling-handle sentence and the sales text are the same on every page.

Next, determine the conversion rate between website traffic and book sales for each page.

This will determine your ideal price.

Ultimately, readers will find your book profitable and engaging if it offers a fresh approach or resolves an issue.

Thus, make sure to include a selling point in your book’s description that briefly summarizes the issue it addresses and the advantages it will provide to readers.

Watch your market then come to you!

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