Take Control of the Email Deliverability Problem

There is something fundamentally wrong about email deliverability being able to get in between your customers and you.

Under the old model of internet marketing where online businesses basically did mass mailings to anyone who had an email account, the deliverability problem had a huge impact on the payback you got from using a mass mailing service to send your marketing email out to 10,000 or 100,000 random potential customers.

But that old model was never that good in the first place.

For one thing, even though the mass mailing services told you they had access to thousands of “valid email addresses”, who knows if they really did?

But even if they had a low “bounce rate”, this scattershot method has never been the most effective form of marketing on or off the internet.

Even before internet marketing became a big part of how you do business, a better business model was to build a relationship with a niche market, market to that niche by capitalizing on the relationship and then see a greater return on your marketing investment because the you are working with a client base that has an identifiable need that your product or service addresses.

This new model works just as well online.

You build your relationships with your client base on your web site using interactive techniques.

You establish relationship and trust through the sales and support process.

Then with that mailing list of established and “real” customers, you launch your email marketing plan on much firmer footing.

But email deliverability continues to be a fly in the ointment because working through public ISPs, you have to jump through the hoops that are there to trap old model spammers just to talk to customers you already know.

And if you don’t, you will see spam traps and other controls stop you from having access to your established customer community.

This kind of restraint of trade, even if unintentional, is unacceptable. So there is good reason to take control of the email deliverability problem.

Solo Email Blaster

You have the resources to take that control through your mailing list and your online registration of web site members.

In that you have a domain, you also have the ability to give your customers an email account on your domain.

This is a bold step but by using some technical wizardry, you an automatically give your customers a private email account on your domain with your business domain name that becomes part of their identity.

Your customers will love it because it is an email account they can use for anything and you and sweeten the pot by running contests and give- aways exclusively through your own private email network.

The next step is just to let your customers collect their private emails through their local copy of Gmail or whatever email client they use.

Your internet technical gurus can come up with a script that can automatically set up the Outlook parameters so the customer can have that up and running in a matter of moments.

Presto Chango, your private email network now goes directly to the customers desktop email server.

There is no spam because its private.

You have 24/7 access to that email account for marketing and because you control that domain completely, email deliverability problems are a thing of the past.

So stop jumping through ISP hoops and fighting the mass mailing spam filter wars.

Take control by building your niche market and then equipping your niche market to communicate directly with you.

It’s smart use of technology and you can kiss email delivery problems goodbye.

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