How To Outsell Other Ebay eBook Resellers

What method of payment would you prefer for your mortgage or car payment?

Or would you want to give up your career and work from home in a part-time capacity?

Selling software and ebooks with master resell or resell rights will help you realize your goals, whatever they may be!

What happens, though, if you are not an astute online marketer?

eBay is a fantastic and simple place to start, though.

Even for experienced resell rights marketers, it’s a terrific way to generate extra cash.

However, as ebook resellers are facing more competition on eBay, you need to have a solid plan in place if you want to expand your ebook business successfully.

Never allow the perception of resell rights saturation or the apparent low prices to deter you from achieving significant financial gains.

After three years of selling software and ebooks on eBay, I have honed in on seven tried-and-true strategies that will let you resell ebooks for up to ten times the price of your rivals.

The listing title contains the clue!

Here are 7 ways to use smart listing strategies to increase your traffic, conversions, and profit.

Rich Listing Title with Keywords

Although not unknown, this tip is nonetheless infrequently applied.

The majority of sellers of ebooks with resell rights only use the product’s “actual name” as the listing title when they offer their goods on eBay.

For instance, a lot of merchants list “James Jackson’s Giveaway Gold” just by its title.

Actually, this is an e-book about growing your email list.

What would you search for if you wanted a mailing list-building guide? Would you search “James Jackson’s Giveaway Gold”?

Not if you’ve never heard of an eBook like that!

The item “Build, Create, Make Your Mailing Email List” ought to be listed.

This is a smart use of pertinent keywords and phrases that will draw the most attention to that listing.

These focused keywords are easily found using a free keyword search engine.

Recognize the product you are selling.

How do you give your product a suitable listing title if you don’t know what you are selling?

Make sure you read the accompanying sales page.

Frequently, the sales page has helpful terms and phrases that will aid you in accurately listing it.

View the Listing Titles of Your Rivals

Prior to choosing the title of your listing, do this:

Cross-reference your list of potential title keywords and phrases with those that already appear on eBay to see if any more listings for the same products come up.

Make sure the terms and phrases you select provide you with the fewest competitors.

Make Use of Misspellings for Your Benefit

When somebody can’t spell, that’s money for you.

For instance, a product related to “Google Adsense” may also be referred to as “Google Ad Sense” or simply “Goggle Adsense.”

Alternate Positioning

An excellent illustration of this would be to have an ebook on coin collecting that specifically states that it is to be used with a metal detector.

Even though your ebook on metal detectors may not include anything, anyone searching for metal detectors will undoubtedly come across your ebook on coins, and presto—you’ve just established a niche listing uncontested by rivals.

Tie-in for Name Recognition

Even though you aren’t selling the product under the same name, this is a great approach to driving traffic based on brand awareness.

Selling an ebook on how to build a pay-per-click search engine might be one way to do this.

Something along the lines of “Build a Pay Per Click Search Engine Like Google AdWords” may be the title you list.

Making use of all six of these strategies also has the added benefit of making it difficult for resellers to locate you.

In an attempt to undercut their listing price, resellers will be examining other resellers and trying to replicate their titles.

For the most part, you will be invisible to them since they are searching for the product’s true name.

Place the eBook on a CD.

Burn your ebooks to CD after you have set yourself apart from the competition on eBay.

On a CD, why?

In addition to raising the price, you can add shipping and handling costs.

It’s easy to charge $4.99 for shipping when the cost of the CD and shipping supplies comes to less than half of that amount.

You now have it.

Now you can start making easy money the smart way and become the eBook reseller you’ve always wanted to be!