Steps To Creating a True Automated System For Your Home Business

If you’ve ever worked from home or are currently engaged in the online business sector, you’ve probably heard this phrase:

“To succeed, you need a system.”

I like to go a step farther with this.

You need an Automated System in addition to a “system” if you want to maximize the potential of your home business opportunity.

To go even farther, in order to succeed at the highest possible levels, your Automated System must attack your prospects from EVERY perspective.

Here are four strategies that, when applied to all of your potential customers, will boost your income from ANY home-based or online business opportunity.

Create a “capture” or “squeeze” page as the first step.

You have probably seen a capture page or perhaps been “captured” by one even if you have no understanding what it is.

Simply said, a capture page is a page that is designed to provide some basic characteristics about a product or service, but then requests that the prospect enter their information to receive further information.

To pique the interest of the prospect, it is frequently a teaser or hyped-up page.

The most successful capture pages speak to the prospects’ financial or personal requirements, encouraging them to fill out their information to learn more.

Once they do, you own their information for life and are free to contact them in the future about any other service offers you may develop.

To start developing your list so you can market any good or service, capture pages are a MUST.

Lead Page Generator is a fantastic program that enables even the most inexperienced user to construct capture pages in a matter of minutes.

Please remember to keep your list of recorded names, addresses, emails, etc. safe at all times.

Those that are very successful in any online or home-based business have a list of thousands that they have accumulated over time.

Every time they want to advertise a new good, service, or chance, they send an email to their list first.

This gives you a significant advantage, and if your goods, services, and business prospects have been profitable in the past, your list will always be with you.

All of this points to email auto responders as the second method for building a fully automated system.

Email Prospects to Follow Up With Them.

The simplest and most identifiable type of follow-up is this one.

All you need to do to create a capture page is connect the information form to an auto responder.

Through the use of services like aweber, this is quite simple to do.

Now, when a prospect fills out their information, you may follow up with them daily, weekly, or monthly without having to lift a finger.

This means that you not only get to keep the prospect’s information for your list.

Naturally, you must prepare your email follow-up messages in advance, but once they are done, you may continue to contact your prospects without exerting any more effort.

While email is a useful tool for automating your system, far too many people use it as their ONLY tool.

This is a terrible error.

The reality is that spam regulations and individuals monitoring their email accounts have made email follow-up and marketing much less effective.

You must approach people from many perspectives in order to reach as many as possible.

Continue With Voice Broadcasting Technology

You have still another option for prospect follow-up with voice broadcasting.

It is a fantastic tool that lately has served as the “new email.”

It is vital to try to reach prospects through alternative channels because spam filters and other features are catching email.

Voice broadcasting is the simplest and most affordable method of following up besides email.

Additionally, voice broadcasting enables you to maintain a fully automated system.

You can easily set up your audio broadcasting software to call prospects once, once a week, once a month, or however often you like after recording a short message or series of messages and collecting their phone number on your capture page.

There are numerous services available. Probuilderplus, voiceshot, protus, and goldcalling are a few examples.

Follow Up by Postcard

The most overlooked yet frequently most successful method of follow-up is direct mail.

A great technique to ensure that your prospects hear from you is through postcards.

You have set yourself up to employ an awesome tool that will undoubtedly assist raise your sales and profits by just asking for their postal address on your capture page.

A few firms let you build up a direct mail campaign to function exactly like an email auto responder.

You can enter a potential customer’s postal address and create a campaign to send them a postcard once, twice, weekly, monthly, or whatever often you choose.

Simply set it up once and leave it alone.

For the duration of a year, you can automatically contact a prospect.

For every business, service, or opportunity, you may even design your own postcards.

You will undoubtedly boost sales and revenue if you implement that straightforward four-step method to develop an automated system for your company.

Additionally, you will not only have an automatic system that works for you while you engage in activities you enjoy, but it will also contact prospects in multiple ways to ensure that they receive your message frequently and early.

Never forget that having a system alone is not always sufficient.

You must have an automated system into which you can input each prospect and which will function automatically while you concentrate on growing your business.