Two Online Earning Options

There are two kinds of methods you can use to create an information product.

You can either be inventive or creative.

Being creative entails studying the market and developing a sensible answer.

In essence, this involves applying your intellect to consider how your information product may address a current issue facing the market.

For example, you might create a salesletter generator program if you notice that many people are struggling to compose sales letters.

Alternatively, you might develop a joint venture profile program if you observe that many individuals are attempting to arrange the facts of their joint venture.

In essence, you will be the first to enter the market.

Make sense?

But you would rather be an inventor if you want to reduce your risk of failing and generate money quickly.

Examine the products that are currently on the market, designed to meet consumer desire.

Look at the excellent sales volume.

Next, I’ll be creative to take advantage of the current opportunity or offer a superior solution.

Not sure how to interpret this?

Allow me to clarify.

Because there are so many creative marketers out there, you may notice that there is a lot of salesletter generator software available right now.

Another example of a creative marketer is PayDotCom, a relatively new business that offers services akin to those of

It was effectively introduced after the innovative business

The first website (that I am aware of) that offered internet marketers a credit card processing facility with an integrated affiliate monitoring scheme was

More creative marketers these days have developed affiliate tracking tools that are compatible with different credit card processors, such as, 2checkout,, and so on.

Creative marketing goes beyond simply replicating successful strategies and aiming to be more efficient, larger, or less expensive.

That’s a really limited view of profitability, and it usually doesn’t work.

You can alter the entire business model just by including these two more ingredients:

Finding an angle

Identifying an angle refers to how you can set yourself apart from the creator.

For instance, achieved success.

Nevertheless, by combining with a third-party credit card business, other affiliate monitoring solutions that lacked an integrated credit card processor also achieved great success.

Paydotcom is just another excellent illustration of this.

They resolve the main issue.

Paying tribute to the trailblazer

Make an info-product that can capitalize on the thriving industry that already exists.

For our purposes, let’s use as an example.

Numerous innovative technologies have been developed to improve Clickbank’s user-friendliness.

Some instances are:

Software for overseeing your affiliates on;

Software for creating a Microsoft Excel file from your Clickbank sales report;

Software to develop an integrated Clickbank ID search engine tool for;

Video instructions for creating an account on; with a ton more.

Keep an eye on what occurs on the internet.

Next, determine if pursuing a career in creative or inventive marketing can increase your earnings while simultaneously lessening your workload.