Social Bookmarking: A Legitimate Blog Marketing Strategy

Websites for social bookmarking are growing in popularity.

Instead of saving bookmarks as favorites in your browser’s list, they let you save bookmarks online and Tag/Categorize them with keywords.

This is especially helpful if the bookmarks that are based on your browser have grown cumbersome.

The fact that you can access your bookmarks from any computer with an internet connection is also helpful.

Additionally, you create RSS feeds for every category (tag) that you choose to ‘subscribe’ to.

This notifies you of any new connections within your interest areas.

Other users can access your bookmark collection or RSS feed and copy your favorites to their own collections.

You can now syndicate your RSS feeds and actively market them to search engines and RSS directories, reaching a significantly larger audience.

Social bookmarking websites also facilitate the meeting of like-minded individuals who could be knowledgeable of web resources that you are not.

You must first register on social bookmarking websites.

Next, you create bookmarks for helpful and fascinating content related to your field of study or interest.

You then produce a helpful Feed.

After that, you should sporadically—or aggressively—add intriguing and helpful items from your own material that deserve more exposure.

Try your hardest to include links and useful information.

It’s all about exposure and sharing here.

When sharing knowledge effectively, you can be as assertive as you like.

You are free to distribute your blog(s), links to your resource/informational websites, etc.

Consider the fact that you are actively promoting other people’s content when you share links to their sites.

This is how you aggressively and morally market both your own and other people’s content.

Several hundred gigabytes of both my personal and other people’s data are attached to my notebook.

Ultimately, it’s doing me absolutely nothing good to have it sitting there.

However, by arranging it online, I may benefit both myself and others at the same time (becoming organized, getting my work seen, etc.).

Should you overly embellish your feed with self-promotional or sales-related content, readers are likely to unsubscribe from your feed.

Additionally, you run the risk of being called out as a spammer and facing the repercussions rather than earning friends and benefiting the online community.

Therefore, while it is permissible and possible to be aggressive, it is definitely necessary to exercise caution and take the community’s best interests into consideration.

You can be as forceful as you wish as long as you strike a balance between pushing your own material and acting morally and helpfully for others.

But keep in mind that others will ultimately decide whether anything is spam or something morally and practically sound.