Several Pointers for Promoting Your Own Blog

Moving on to the subject of blog marketing, it is crucial to remember that due to the special characteristics of the blogging algorithm, search engines index blogs better than conventional websites.

For instance, a recent article from a popular blog may appear on the search engine results page the day after it was posted.

It goes without saying that you must join up for particular blogging directories, which is what you will do next.

Another choice is to publish articles that include a link to your blog.

There are many services available that are made just for this purpose.

But more importantly, a search engine needs external connections pointing to your blog from other websites.

These should be strong links that draw in lots of visitors.

Why is that relevant?

It suggests that the link should ideally be on the website’s home page.

Additionally, this page needs to have a PR rating of at least 4. Google Page Rank, often known as PR, measures how important a specific web page is.

More can be accomplished with five or six of these connections than with hundreds of ordinary links.

How are these links obtained?

There are a lot of options as well.

For instance, you might find a website that is pertinent to the subject of your blog and ask the administrators to exchange connections with you.

Finally, you can buy these links.

The price of these links rises as the website’s PR rating does.

Now let’s talk about how you can monetize your personal blog.

The strategy is really simple: traffic is converted into money.

Your income increases directly as traffic volume does.

One technique to monetize a blog is by placing advertisements there; Google Adwords is most commonly used for this.

An additional tactic is to take part in cooperative projects that are relevant to the subject of your blog.

Therefore, if your website is specialized to dogs, you should offer flea control products and other dog-related items on it.

A third tactic is to sell your own goods or services.

You can, of course, mix different money sources in a single blog.

Last but not least, remember that strength comes in numbers, therefore having a variety of resources on hand is a smart idea.

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