Selecting A Format for Your Web-Based E-Book Publisher Enterprise

Among the most lucrative internet business endeavors you may embark upon to get some extra cash is publishing an eBook.

However, you need to think about the format your eBook will be in.

If you pick the incorrect format, you run the risk of never turning a profit, or at least not turning a profit for very long.

What are some formats, and what are some considerations that you should make?

To put it simply, a format is the kind of file that will hold your data.

There are numerous file types on your desktop computer, and a particular kind of program is usually required to open each file type.

For instance, there are files that are simply text and are typically identified by the extension “.txt,” files that are “.doc” and are opened in Microsoft Word, files that are “.htm” and may be opened in any web browser, and so on.

The numerous text and word processing applications available today use a plethora of various formats.

Similarly, the content you offer in your eBook must be made available to your internet readers in an open and readable style.

Almost everyone can read files in formats like.doc,.txt,.htm (or.html), and.pdf (for Adobe’s widely used Acrobat Reader).

But when you make this choice, you have to take into account more factors than just readability.

You also need to think about copyright violations and piracy.

Should your eBook have a catchy title like β€œHow to make a million dollars by watching TV in two weeks,” you should be aware that information pirates will find it quite appealing.

Since your eBook is a work of intellectual property, it must be safeguarded to the greatest extent possible.

If not, anybody can easily distribute your eBooks via the Internet or enclose them in emails to their acquaintances.

Make sure everyone accessing your priceless content has paid for and obtained the legal permission to do so.

Because of this, publishing your eBook in one of the various proprietary formats is the best option.

This will turn your ebook into a protected file that can only be opened by the original purchaser.

Numerous applications are available to transform your eBook into a safe format.

You want to look for a format that will turn your eBook into an executable (.exe) file that cannot be copied, pasted, or cut.

I can’t even begin to list them all.

Use your preferred search engine to look up “ebook creation software” or a similar term, and click on as many links as you like to find the format that best suits your needs.

No one else will safeguard your content for you, so it is your responsibility!

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