Poor Justifications for MLM Participation

Network marketing, often known as “MLM,” can be a fantastic way to make anything from a modest supplemental income to a comfortable full-time job.

However, a lot of people sign up for MLM-style possibilities without fully understanding what they are getting into.

This is likely one of the main causes of some people’s negative perceptions of this kind of business.

If you use MLM correctly, it works.


Following are seven incredibly bad justifications for joining a network marketing opportunity:

Getting paid “easy money”

I am aware that mlm businesses are excellent at portraying their industry as a straightforward 1-2-3 method that anyone can follow to become an immediate billionaire.

Using excessively long and overly hyped sales letters, particularly online, has virtually become the norm.

It would be like saying that any cook who can open a can of beans is a superb chef.

Don’t get me wrong; I believe that most people CAN succeed in multilevel marketing if they work hard enough.

You will, however, need to put in some effort and be ready to learn a lot of new stuff.

There is no doubt about that!

Believing that “spill over” will take care of everything

An “forced matrix” is the foundation of many multilevel marketing opportunities.

For instance, in a 3×9 matrix, the fourth member will be positioned under the first person you supported once you have sponsored the first three new members.

Thus, without exerting any effort on his part, this person has added one person to HIS downline.

Now, some businesses want you to assume that because their top recruiters are so successful, the spillover from their marketing will instantly turn you, who are currently joining from the very bottom, into a success.

This is merely a wishful thinking; it will never come true.

Yes, you will most likely spill over a few people into your downline, but not nearly enough to ensure your success.

Due to the vast width of the matrix at your level, a huge number of representatives will be required to shear any amount of spillover.

Who says that the top recruiters are still as active as they were before?

In the worst case scenario, they are currently working on something altogether different because they already have a guaranteed income from this particular opportunity.

Believing that a product would sell itself because it is so fantastic.

This is a common error because the majority of multilevel marketing systems just don’t focus on the product.

I realize that this fact is difficult to accept.

I recall signing up for this lottery syndicate-MLM when I was a newbie since I assumed “everybody” would want to increase their chances of winning the lottery, right?

When I realized the reality, I was incredibly disappointed, and some individuals even made fun of my attempt to communicate the amazing new information I had learned.

Similar to mlm, if you don’t understand what network marketing is actually all about, it won’t matter if you are selling a revolutionary product that has every vitamin and mineral known to man.

Helping out an old friend

We’ve all experienced it: an old buddy you haven’t spoken to in a long time phones you and asks to meet up to discuss something he will explain in more detail when you do.

I’m not arguing that this couldn’t possibly be a profitable venture.

However, recruiting all of your friends is an extremely poor method of network marketing, and you shouldn’t ever join an opportunity just to help out a friend.

Since this ultimately affects you, your finances, and your career.

Making a significant sum of money quickly

Most mlm testimonials appear to follow a similar pattern:

I made $800 in my first month, and now that I’m in my third month, I’ve been able to quit my work and do other things.

These testimonies, although not being pure lies, are typically gathered from people who, via good fortune or talent, were able to seize this particular opportunity straight away.

The MLM gurus are just at the top of the pyramid and frequently have a thorough understanding of what they are doing.

MLM opportunities have a life cycle that expands quickly at first, like most products do.

It can be quite simple and reasonably easy to sponsor dozens of new people every day during this period of tremendous development.

After all, this is a brand-new concept, and a well-placed advertisement can work wonders.

If you join the firm after this initial burst, it is much harder to show immediate results and it takes more work to draw new customers.

To succeed in this situation, patience, knowledge, and the appropriate strategy are needed.

Big name X supports this initiative

This has a tenuous connection to the prior point.

With this opportunity, Mr. Big Hitter has already made thousands of dollars, and he isn’t afraid to tell people how simple it was.

He’s also not lying, most likely.

In his case, it was simple.

Because he already knew all the right people, as mentioned above, he likely became involved in this opportunity before it was made public.

He (or she) is also knowledgeable and has the means necessary to effectively spread the news to a big audience, including large email lists and sophisticated Internet marketing tools.

It is a very terrible idea to expect that you can suddenly accomplish feats deserving of a network marketing genius if you are still relatively new to the field.

Would you say that Tiger Woods is a better golfer than you are?

I didn’t believe that.

Believing that operating this business will be free

I’m not bringing up your mlm opportunity’s membership price because it is a given.

However, a lot of people have the misconception that they can market online for nothing at all.

Although it’s true that there are certain efficient low-cost Internet marketing tactics you may utilize, you shouldn’t ever let that delusion trick you into thinking that it would be a cost-free endeavor.

Additionally, the rivalry online is frequently fairly severe.

In conclusion, MLM might present a novel and exciting way to make money.

However, none of the aforementioned myths should be the driving force behind your decision to join a multilevel marketing company.

You’ll be fine if you run your company like one.

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