How to Write Your First eBook and Get It Sold

The following paragraphs should provide you with a number of useful facts regarding mentors.

Consider the potential impact if you were to become aware of even one previously unknown fact.

A novice must select a mentor as their first decision.

Why is that such a big deal?

In order to successfully complete a project that you have never made before, it makes perfect sense to follow someone else’s instructions.

Seeking a mentor is, in my opinion, the first crucial action that needs to be taken in this situation.

Someone who effectively finished and sold his first electronic book.

It is incredibly simple to search for anything these days.

Simply google it.

You can search for “writing ebook” and see what comes up.

The majority of the websites that appear on your screen will offer you the chance to sign up for a complimentary online course.

Gather the data after subscribing to three to four of them.

There are also a ton of free e-books available on the topic.

Decide who you want to follow after reading the emails and e-books.

At least one mentor who you will respect and like should exist.

That might be a result of his writing style, sound reasoning, or depth of understanding.

You just have to listen to your intuition and make the decision, whatever that may be.

Once you’ve decided, adhere to your mentor’s advice.

Examine his/her system in its entirety.

Purchase their product and adhere to it, step-by-step.

This is not a simple path, particularly at first.

The most crucial elements aren’t always apparent right away.

To obtain the full picture, continue reading.

You can solve one of the biggest issues of our time—overwhelming information—by selecting one mentor and sticking with him or her.

The majority of novices experience complete shock at the volume of information available on any subject they choose, which can result in what is known as paralysis.

So, in order to beat that illness fast, be strong and make your choice as soon as you can.

It doesn’t matter for the time being that you may find many more mentors down the road as your business grows, and they may be far better than your first one.

You just need to finish writing your first ebook and heed advice from a single, reliable source.

If not, you’ll discover that you are always searching for new information and that days pass without you finishing a single meaningful task.

Set a deadline for yourself to make your decision and allow ample time to conduct your research on potential mentors.

It shouldn’t take you longer than seven or ten days.

Focus on the task at hand.

Make a decision and follow through on it until the project is completed by applying diligent efforts to research the information that is available on writing and publishing ebooks.

This is where I get to say who my mentor is.

I’ve decided to heed Brian Campbell’s advice.

He is an independent millionaire who started his business from nothing.

For beginners, he provides a comprehensive Internet Profit Mentor Program at no cost.

He teaches material in this program that other gurus charge thousands of dollars for.

You can also find expert answers to a lot of your questions on a fantastic forum.

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