How to Obtain Free Product Promotion

Every marketer is aware that word-of-mouth promotion is the best kind.

It is, quite simply, the most successful and economical kind of advertising ever discovered.

Even prior to the Internet’s existence.

Every business got to where it is now through word-of-mouth marketing.

I know a lot of business owners who have never invested in advertising and never plan to.

People recommending their goods or services to others is the foundation of their whole business.

Can you imagine having a constant stream of people begging for your goods or services at your door without ever having to spend money on advertising?

Operating a business solely through word-of-mouth referrals has a drawback.

You have to be offering a superior good or service.

The only word-of-mouth promotion you’ll get if you sell garbage is bad.

You’ve probably heard this expression before.

A happy client will recommend your goods or services to three others, whereas an unhappy one will tell 10.

You will need to work ten times harder and spend more money on promotion if your clients aren’t satisfied in order to sell your product.

There are two basic reasons why positive word-of-mouth advertising is incomparable.

It is a complimentary advertisement.

This should go without saying.

You can reinvest more money in your firm and put more money in your pocket if you have to spend less on advertising.

Individuals are recommending your goods or services.

Being able to get an endorsement for your product gives you more leverage.

There is instant trust when a customer refers a friend to you after having a great experience with your product.

Friends are trusted by others.

A friend will trust you right away if you tell them your product is the best.

Building trust is a major obstacle to selling anything, online or offline.

Look below to get a sense of the kind of impact word-of-mouth marketing may have.

Without requiring any effort from you, your internet business can expand rapidly.

Assume you begin with ten happy clients that you acquired through paid advertising.

You may gain another thirty clients for free if those 10 individuals just refer three others apiece.

However, once word-of-mouth advertising begins rolling, it never stops, so this is where things start to get nice.

If each of those thirty individuals tells three more people, you might potentially gain 90 additional free clients!

90 times three is 270.

270 times three is 810.

810 times three is 2430.

2430 times three is 7290.

7,290 x 3 = 21,870

21,870 x 3 = 65,610

196,830 is 65,610 x 3.


You understand.

Friends and associates continue to spread the word about your firm to an increasing number of people.

Plus, it’s all free promotion!

If you believe that the figures mentioned above are a little exaggerated, reconsider.

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