Facing Your Fears As An Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur I have ever spoken to has experienced having to face their anxieties.

I have had to as well.

I want to discuss some of the methods I have employed to deal with them with you.

The first step is not to be in denial.

Even if you don’t readily admit it, you have fears.

Sometimes they appear as the voice in the back of your head telling you that you can’t do it.

Fear is a major barrier keeping people from starting their own businesses.

According to the CEO of a network marketing business that focuses on real estate, only about 2 to 5 percent of attendees at company seminars actually put their newfound knowledge into practice by making offers on properties.

He is convinced that the rest are paralyzed by fear.

Here are some of the techniques I have used as I learned them from the entrepreneurs I know:

Consider what you actually desire.

Turn your thoughts around and concentrate on what you DO want when you catch yourself repeatedly imagining your worst-case scenario.

Visualize yourself getting what you do want.

Look at the new home.

Imagine yourself conversing with the potential customer as they join your firm.

What you concentrate on, you receive.

Modify your voice.

You’re going to fail when you hear yourself telling you that you’re not competent enough.

Simply replace your voice with Jim Cary’s, Mickey Mouse’s, or another voice that has little meaning to you.

Who cares if Mickey Mouse believes you are inadequate?

Is Mickey Mouse a businessman?

Tell a dependable friend or colleague about them.

Hopefully at least one other business owner has been able to offer you some degree of assistance.

Ideally, you are supported by a significant other.

If not, you should have a support system in place from your team, upline, or corporate that you can communicate with.

You might hear from some individuals that it’s absurd for you to even think that you’re not good enough.

Don’t seek out the backing of those who questioned you and said it was crazy for you to strike out on your own, though.

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They’ll never be able to comprehend the entrepreneur.

Have a library for your own personal growth.

My library is a huge source of support for me.

It includes stories of people who have overcome their phobias in addition to how-to tools.

I could never begin to list all the resources I have, but if you email me, I can make recommendations based on how you describe your specific situation.

Decide to carry it out.

Making even the slightest step might often be enough to start you moving and help you overcome your fear of not doing action.

An illustration would be delaying writing an article like this one out of concern for failure.

Just getting started might generate enough momentum to carry it out.

Think about the outcome, but make the action the objective.

For the entrepreneur, there is a slight difference here.

Of course you want the outcome, but it’s possible that you have no direct control over it.

Visualize the outcome in your mind, but make pursuing your objective a consistent and persistent action.

You can definitely reach that goal because the action will eventually lead to the result.

Never ever give up.

I detest even mentioning the “q” word.

If you do give up, you are no longer an entrepreneur; otherwise, you are making progress.

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