Earn Abundant Sums of Money Using Your Own eBook

You can learn how to write and sell an eBook to generate income online by following Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel’s “eBook Secrets Exposed” course.

Rather than providing generic advice on writing on any topic, the eBook walks you through the five most crucial steps in selecting a topic for your eBook that will appeal to a particular audience.

They correctly point out that in order to know that people are willing to pay for the information, you need to define your target demographic and ensure that a large number of websites are currently selling to them.

Collaboratively, they discuss how to identify niche markets and the top 10 reasons why individuals make purchases.

There is a wealth of knowledge available regarding structuring issues into an eBook concept.

Jim and David make the observation that your eBook will be bought in order to provide your prospects with a desirable answer or to alleviate their agonizing condition.

Before you create your book, you have to be certain about who will purchase it.

They walk you through the procedure step-by-step and in plain terms.

Naturally, the first challenge is to locate the “Niche Market” that is always mentioned.

While Jim and David do offer some suggestions on where to look, the internet is still a murky place.

If there is an internet genius out there, please just mention the markets that need to be looked into for eBook creation.

Despite that one drawback, Mr. Edwards and Mr. Garfinkel do walk you through the process of creating an eBook that, with careful attention, can be profitable, provided you follow the instructions they provide in this eBook.

Why, then, would you heed their counsel?

Thousands of Jim Edwards’ eBooks have been sold online.

In addition to producing eBooks, he has created software packages, films, audio cassettes, CD-ROMs, and a newsletter with thousands of members.

David Garfinkel is a business journalist and copywriter who has won awards.

He was the head of McGraw-Hill World News’ San Francisco bureau.

More recently, he served as the chief editor of “What’s Online,” a privately distributed Internet marketing newsletter with a $497 annual subscription fee.

“Jim and David have really cracked the code on how to make big money with almost any eBook on the Web,” stated Yanik Silver.

Yanik can only offer you one bit of advice if that’s what you want to do: obtain this resource right away!

“eBook Secrets Exposed” aims to educate you on how to identify a lucrative eBook market and locate joint venture partners who will market your product, which is one of its most significant features.

If you don’t already have a personal internet subscriber list, this is particularly crucial.

They’ve even provided sample email phrasing for possible joint venture partners.

They go into further detail on how to create your own list and resell rights.

The importance of selecting a topic that already has a market and that other people are selling is emphasized in “eBook Secrets Exposed.”

You now have two very important opportunities:

Two things are certain:

1) the market is established; and

2) You may be able to find several joint venture partners.

And why would you require partners in a joint venture?

Since they might be interested in your items and already have a list of customers who have purchased theirs.

The eBook lays out the steps for accomplishing this.

To truly “get” all the points made in the eBook, you’ll probably need to read it through a few times.

However, by the second or third reading, you’ll have a firm understanding of how to create an eBook.

The use of pay-per-click advertising to obtain conversion numbers—the number of website visitors who bought your eBook—is covered in a part of the book.

Joint venture partners are drawn in by conversion numbers.

While this remains a viable alternative, you may have to pay for it as the low-cost pay-per-click days are long gone.

This eBook is jam-packed with information and written quite well.

The only further query I have, or suggestion for improvement, is how to get joint venture partners in various ways when you are first starting out.

This is usually a hazy situation.

Apart from my remarks regarding niche markets and locating joint venture partners while you’re just starting out, “eBook Secrets Exposed” is a pretty succinct guide on how to publish an eBook and promote it to a certain market.

I would rate this book an eight out of ten if you want to learn how to write an eBook rapidly and you want solid marketing knowledge.

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