Download Free eBooks to Sell on eBay!

Purchasing new resalable content is the last thing eBay eBook sellers want to worry about, given the skyrocketing eBay fees and competitive pricing.

But you might not be aware of all the places where you can get free resalable eBooks that you can effectively add to your inventory.

This piece only covers a handful of them.


Yes, that is correct.

Free eBooks can be found on eBay (well, not exactly free, but they’re still extremely inexpensive).

To draw customers, a lot of ebook sellers hold auctions with a 1p starting price.

You can get an extremely affordable ebook that you can resell if no one bids on these auctions.

Additionally, some eBay sellers list ebooks for just one penny in their store.

This implies that you can buy the item for 1p on the Buy It Now platform and receive it instantly in certain situations.

Thanks to eBay, there’s yet another option to get an extremely affordable resalable eBook.

Look for “eBooks, resell” or a related term on eBay, and then list the cheapest ones first to see what you can find.


I currently subscribe to several newsletters that provide me with five free eBooks each week.

I would suggest subscribing to newsletters about eBooks because you can get free products to add to your eBay store in addition to receiving insightful advice from the eBook seller.

Look through eBay to find the best sellers of eBooks.

Join their newsletter if they have one.

There is no cost involved, and you will probably gain a lot from it.


When you purchase a new eBook, it typically comes with links to numerous bonus eBooks that you can resell.

This is another way to obtain a large library of free resalable eBooks, though you might have to pay for the first eBook.

Internet forums

On internet forums, a lot of people will give away free eBooks that can be sold or provide links that let you access free eBooks that can be sold.

Simply look through the posts to see what information is available.

eBook Websites

A free download page can be found on a lot of websites that sell eBooks.

You can download free eBooks from this site, many of which have resell rights.

Search for “resell eBooks” on Google or any other popular search engine, then explore these sites.

You will undoubtedly find more than enough eBooks to last you for some time.

Free eBooks with resell rights are still a terrific way to increase your inventory at a reasonable price, even though they’re probably a little out of date compared to ones you pay for.

Your chances of making a sale as an eBook seller increase with the size of your store’s inventory.

You will undoubtedly experience more success if you add free resalable eBooks to your inventory in addition to the more costly current resalable eBooks.

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