Domain Names for Free

A person has no reliable way to find a website without a domain name.

The only issue is that domain names are expensive.

Of all, if a person only runs one or two websites, the price of a domain name—which might range from $1 to $35—is definitely not too high.

What happens, though, if someone is an ardent marketer who earns money from hundreds of websites?

Even the smallest domain name registration fee can pile up.

For this reason, Internet marketing experts may wish to think about registering for free domain names.

Third level domains, first level domain names with uncommon extensions, and first level domain names with conventional extensions are the three different categories of free domain names.

Third level domain names are the first class of free domain names.

This domain name is frequently given out by free web hosting providers or affiliate networks.

However, this kind of domain name does have a drawback.

This drawback entails that the third level domain name must contain the first level domain name, which is typically the name of the organization.

Think about a Geocities-built website as an illustration.

The syntax would be if a webmaster selects “web hosting” as their third level domain name.

Potential visitors may not find such a domain name to be very convenient, so webmasters may wish to think about rerouting these types of URLs to different variations of free domain names.

The second category of free domain names is first level domain names with less well-known extensions in the online community.

Examples are the free domain names that and Free offer.

These businesses offer the, respectively.

These are much less complicated to use than a third level domain name, although being distant from

Making sure the original domain name is brief and simple to remember will be essential for ensuring that potential customers are less put off by the strange extension.

Finally, there are free domain names with more popular extensions

Someone needs to perform some detective work to find these.

Since they were due to expire anyhow, people occasionally offer them for free.

Through webmaster-specific message boards, one can try to uncover these circumstances.

Other times, businesses will provide these free domains in exchange for free ad space.

Every time the free domain name is used, a pop-up advertisement appears on the user’s website.

This is how the provider of free domain names makes money.

In conclusion, if you require domains for multiple websites, free domains can be a great substitute.

Though a third level domain name is preferable to nothing, the finest ones are those in which a person can obtain a first level domain.

On the Internet, one can look for firms that offer free domain names and register for them.

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