Autoresponders: The Magic Trick of the Marketers

Consider John, an enthusiastic poker player, visiting your website.

You market a book that helps him get better at poker.

Although he is really interested in what you have to offer, he isn’t quite ready to make a purchase.

He needs to pay off the credit card that he maxed out when playing online poker while he is still recuperating from that lengthy vacation.

He fills out his name and email address after noticing a form on your website that asks if he’d like more specific information.

John receives an email in a matter of seconds that includes a succinct review of the advantages your book offers as well as a few practical suggestions he can put to use right away.

John gets another email a few days later that reads something like this:

Hello, John I understand that you’re quite busy, especially now that the Christmas season is drawing to a close, but I just wanted to let you know that there will soon be a great offer available for the “How to win at poker” manual you’ve always wanted.

This email reminds John that he needs to step up his game because he had forgotten he had been looking to buy a book similar to this.

John makes a note to purchase the manual on his “To Do” list and continues with his routine.

A few days later, John gets another email reminding him that the special is going to end and giving him access to yet another tasty insider tip from the book.

John decides he needs to buy your “How to Win at Poker” manual because he doesn’t have much time left.

Every email that was sent to John was pre-written.

It wasn’t necessary for you to wait for John to sign up, individually address him, or send him emails every few days.

The aforementioned illustration demonstrates how you may use a series of auto responder emails as an effective “hands off” marketing strategy for your website.

Think to yourself for a moment, “How can I use auto responders on my website?”

No, I mean it.

Stop and consider.

This little task could potentially create a new cash stream to your website that you weren’t aware of.

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But I don’t have any internet sales!

ANY business can use auto responders.

They function without you having to be making an internet sale.

Let’s say, for illustration, that you run a hair styling firm.

You target young males looking for a trendy, alluring hairstyle.

Helping clients choose a hairstyle that significantly enhances their facial characteristics and earns them the compliments they desire from women is a component of your service.

You set up a straightforward form on your website that reads, “Guys, acquire the hairstyle that’ll get you noticed. The free email report demonstrates how.

After submitting the form, John receives an email with a summary of advice on the best hairstyles for guys with various features.

It also states that you are an authority in this area and that guys frequently visit your salon to transform from duds to stunners in a matter of hours.

A few days later, John gets yet another piece of advice, this time on how using a different shampoo when washing his hair can affect the outcome.

John begins to realize how knowledgeable you are and how much he would prefer to hire someone to handle everything for him.

Given that he started taking down those gambling sites, he doesn’t have much time left.

He then leaves to schedule an appointment at your salon by calling.

What else do I need to know?

Your auto responders’ material must be insightful.

While incorporating only promotional material for your goods and services can be effective in the event that there is a significant interest, you will typically need to include pertinent advice and information to keep your subscribers interested and prepared to part with their money when necessary.

In order to significantly improve response rates, you should choose to employ autoresponder software that allows for personalisation, including the option to address John by his first name.

Last but not least, test your autoresponders.

Make sure spam filters aren’t blocking them, that subscribers are receiving the autoresponders in the correct sequence, and so on.

With your newfound information, you should be able to add a new source of income that could significantly increase your profits.

This one marketing tactic is the only one some online firms utilize to attract new customers.

They do this action because it is effective!

Have you already made a decision about the use of auto responders in your company?

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