Are These eBooks About Internet Marketing Hogwash?

As everyone knows, the field of internet marketing is somewhat filled with charismatic individuals who make a lot of extravagant claims about their ridiculously bad books and other products.

eBooks with claims like “how to make $XXX in 2 weeks” or “anyone can earn money at home” may have caught your attention.

I admit that I spent a ridiculous amount of money on internet marketing ebooks when I first started out, only to discover them later at sites that offered free memberships, ebook directories, or even giveaways.

Even if it’s disheartening to find yourself shelling out cash for something that can be acquired for free on the Internet, there are still some excellent ebooks and resources that you should purchase.

Before you go on your shopping binge, make sure you are aware of the following rules:

Spend No Money on Junk

Spend your money wisely and avoid anything that suggests you may make a lot of money even without any expertise.

Most of the time, this material is just a sales pitch for pie in the sky.

Before investing your money in these publications, you can always educate yourself and get knowledge from other free eBooks, newsletters, or forums.

Purchase Only From Professionals Who Have Found Success on Their Own Not all of the best ebooks are those that are heavily promoted.

100% Give Away Internet Marketing eBooks!

Positive feedback from other online marketers, word-of-mouth, chatter from forums and discussion boards, and even first-hand accounts from users themselves will all naturally lead to good things for you.

Therefore, you should always purchase from acknowledged professionals who have a ton of expertise under their belts and credible results to support their claims.

Purchase Only What You Truly Need

Even if the sales copy makes impressive claims, there’s no reason to waste your hard-earned money on any ebooks or internet marketing materials you come across.

Recall that effective sales copy should manipulate the psychological tendencies of potential customers to make them believe the claims made.

Professional copywriters charge tens of thousands of dollars for excellent sales copy because, well, selling hype does generate a lot of sales.

Only invest money in ebooks that have the potential to advance your company.

For instance, you should get copywriting supplies from experts if you believe that your copywriting abilities are lacking.

Taking initiative is the greatest thing you can do.

To be honest, how many of us have spent a fortune on online marketing materials only to discover them collecting dust on our computer’s hard drive for years?

The truth is that until you take the initial step towards putting the information you gain from the eBooks into practice, it doesn’t matter how excellent, costly, or even reliable the eBooks you’ve purchased are.

You should only purchase ebooks that will walk you through the process of starting an Internet marketing firm if you are new to the field.

Otherwise, avoid being around them.

Intangible vs. Hardcopy Books

There have been disputes over the relative merits of Internet marketing books available in bookstores versus those available online.

Although I wholeheartedly concur with some of the best Internet marketing books available, the majority of the books I found merely address the fundamentals of the field.

If you’re looking for a book on internet marketing, for instance, you might find something like “how to make money online” in the business or internet marketing section of the bookstore, but you can find a more specialized ebook online on “How to Get Successful Reciprocal Linking” or something similar.

Though the latter has a more focused scope, they are both associated with internet marketing.

Similar to what I said in my previous point, you should be aware of your weaknesses and purchase ebooks that will advance your business.

Books on internet marketing that are available at bookstores are just as helpful for beginners as online ebooks.

In conclusion, before making a purchase online, be sure you know who to trust.

Many of these self-described “gurus” of internet marketing are actually simply regular people who are having difficulty making money online.

Keep in mind that there are many excellent discussion boards and forums where you can ask questions in addition to finding excellent knowledge.

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