A Free eBook Sample Chapter Can Increase Your Earnings

Why should someone offer a free excerpt or condensed version of their book?

The primary goal, which is often to sell or generate money, is frequently achieved later in the marketing process and results in earnings that much exceed your initial projections.

This is the how and why of using the sample chapter method to generate leads for your information product.

Put your new information product concept to the test before investing days, weeks, or months in producing something that no one would want to purchase.

Your product is probably doomed if very few people ask for the freebie, and vice versa if a lot of people seek it but very few or no paid purchases come in as a result.

The sample chapter can serve as a marketing tool not only for the full-length, paid edition of the product but also for other products, such as a catalog or list of related items that are given away with the giveaway item.

For example, the first chapter of “The Way to a Man’s Heart: Cooking with Known Aphrodisiacs” may pique readers’ interest in the book’s paid version and may also point them to websites that sell related information products, like “1001 Ways to Be Romantic” and “How to Find the Man of Your Dreams.”

But it pays to exercise caution when adding links to other people’s products and make sure they don’t take away from the main objective of the example chapter, which is to promote that cookbook.

As with everything related to direct mail, web marketing, and mail order, you have to test the response to each of your promotions.

When a product is supplied in installments, like correspondence courses or resell rights packages, the first chapter can serve as a “suck it and see” assurance.

Readers may cancel their post-dated standing order or ask for a refund of any money they have already paid if Chapter One or Module One aren’t what they expected.

Articles you’ve written for money elsewhere that are expanded into books or courses and retain your copyright can serve as examples of chapters.

Popular articles are their own evidence of a book that will undoubtedly be a top seller, and you’ve probably already done the majority of the research and gotten compensated for it.

The password-protected complete edition of the product could be provided together with a sample chapter.

If readers prefer the trial edition and choose to purchase the entire book, they only need to supply credit card information via services like ClickBank.

They will then be redirected to a “Thank You page,” where they may retrieve the password for the completed book.

(Most people only need to know that the book is there, taking up desktop space and begging to be opened and read—that’s all the motivation they need to figure out the password quickly!)

You could create an article that is based on your in-depth information offering, but it would leave the reader undecided on whether to buy your book or put the article down.

Methods for achieving this:

Include ambiguities in your content that are clarified in the extended title.

Arouse readers’ curiosity, provide cryptic hints, and save the most important details for Part Two—the paid version!

Send articles to editors and publishers of print and online journals, concluding with a question and answer section where readers can purchase books on the topic of the article from your website.

Encourage readers to sign up for your e-zine so you can respond to their nagging queries and use autoresponder follow-ups to aggressively push your main book!

The free sample enhances your credibility as a writer.

People are aware that the book is likely of a similar caliber to what they have already experienced.

They will purchase if they are wealthy and appreciate your work.

Most likely!

You can encourage sales with enticing chapter titles and snippets, and the sample chapter can include a contents listing for the full-length version, so readers can verify the length (yes, some people still think quantity outshines quality).

Giving the page numbers of specific emphasized elements is a fantastic idea, particularly in cases where chapter headings are deliciously ambiguous and pages extend into triple figures (again, don’t worry about the quality, just feel the width).

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When it comes to sales letters, people will remember your sample chapter for a lot longer than they will typically keep one, especially if it is printed or on a website with a domain name they won’t remember.

Therefore, even though most people will purchase the full-length product shortly after downloading the freebie, you may still see a continuous stream of sales later on as people with hectic schedules find time to read your sample chapter.

Remember that the main goal is to entice readers of the free info product to purchase your book by clicking on the link on the final page, which leads to your order form.

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